Special locations to go to or things to do:
Monte Amiata
Scarzuolo Garden
Wine harvest
Hot Springs
Olive harvest
The wine harvest surely is one of the most important and nicest activities. If you like to participate for a day we are happy to make an arrangement for you. The most important wine cantinas in our area are Aviognesi, Poliziano and Redi (Nobile di Montepulciano), Arnaldo Caprai and Antonelli (Sagrantino di Montefalco), Cantina di Montalcino (Brunello) and of course the Grechetto white wines from Orvieto. But there are also many of the smaller local wineries that produce excellent DOC's and very tasteful local wines and where you can find real treasures. The cantina of Madrevite, only 2 km away from Casa le Querce, is a very good example. Get the big bottle you find in the apartment and taste their "sfuso" (open wine). Delicious !